Take your efficiency to the next level with FIBA


1Win is the comprehensive solution for improving the quality and performance of players and the management and planning of sports.

A single platform solution for video analysis, management and monitoring of players, planning of competitions and matches, training planning and tactical boards.


1Ref is the integral solution for the improvement of quality and efficiency, and the management of the referee collective.

A single platform solution for the evaluation and training of referees through video analysis and the management of qualitative reports and referee appointments.



EricOne is the integral platform that provides a solution to all the needs in the implementation of the 1Ref refeering project.

EricOne is a multi-device solution, adapted to all operating systems and works online and offline, in web and app version, for a better adaptation to working environments in different countries.

This platform includes functionalities for the training and evaluation of the referee through video analysis, the generation of qualitative reports and referee designation.

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