Global solution for the improvement of quality and performance of players and comprehensive management of action and sports planning

Talent management of players and selection teams, scouting, training planning and quality improvement of players through video analysis

How do we work?

The diagnosis helps EricSports and the club to determine, through the analysis of data and information, the current situation of the system and workflows, internal processes and opportunities for improvement

In the implementation phase, the Project Manager team conceptualizes, along with you, the buttons, work session forms and tactical exercises, and proposes a new reengineering of the processes that will allow you to achieve the objectives set

Team training is indispensable in the implementation of this project, as it ensures that the entire staff is aligned with the team’s work strategy and methodology. Our training team coordinates sessions that maximize opportunities for project growth and success


For clubs and sports academies looking to integrate sports management and player monitoring from the same platform using video analysis software.


  • Time savings through centralized information management
  • Planning the season by objectives
  • Creating and tracking player profiles


  • Generation of video content for exercises and matches
  • Tracking the evolution of players
  • Creation and export of video reports


Customizing projects to customer needs allows them to save
time in the process and simplify the sports decision-making process.

Internal control and unification of the sporting criterion

EricSports simplifies the process of vertical control of the organization
offering three levels of hierarchy in the organizational chart according to the user profile, as well as
allowing to create a unified working methodology with exercises and trainings
detailed in the program, supported by a 3D or 2D tactical whiteboard.

Follow-up of players and preparation of training and matches

We achieved a complete follow-up to the player’s evolution during the season
through custom concept panels to analyze and the subsequent creation of
video and statistical reports to facilitate the decision-making process before and
after the matches.

Everything from the same platform

Having all solutions from a single platform, allows crossings of
information between the different hierarchy roles of the organization, and can create a
bank of exercises and technical and tactical sessions, and sharing the evolution along
the season of the teams and their members.


Global implementation of

Sport labelling, analysis and evaluation service

Video training for coaches and players


«Global solution for improving the quality and performance of players and the comprehensive management of sports action selections»