Our most complete solution for trainers

Transfer analysis to your work methodology

Incorporates the solutions EricVideo and EricManager, strengthening the potential for information transfer between video analysis and sports planning.

Analyze matches, edit and paint over them, and export your reports to introduce them to your team.

Available for all work environmentswith and without internet connection, in CLOUD and APP, MULTI-DEVICE and all operating systems. 

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Technical and tactical analysis

Follow-up of the sports action

Unification of the sporting criterion

Data for making decisions

What can you do with EricOne?

Share labelling

The EricVideo video analysis module, inside EricOne, allows you to evaluate, analyze and train your team with objective data from each match.

Customize your analysis button and mark which game parameters you want to tag in the game.

Hierarchical knob, multiple panels and unlimited buttons

Export, access and share with players 

Assesses actions to
take desicions.

Filter actions and generate reports like video reports and party data export.

Data visualization contributes to party analysis, diagnosis of improvement opportunities and decision making 

Transfer the analysis to the field

The analysis makes sense when we are able to transfer it to the working methodology.  

In the EricManager module you can transform data into sports management and planning, building cycles, sessions and tactical exercises. 

You will be able to track players individually in work sessions and matches, obtaining data from, for example, a player’s fatigue rates, and thus improve training planning. 


Shape your players

You will be able to train your players by sharing tactical exercises on 2D and 3D whiteboards, and making them participate in the analysis of their own matches, being able to review brands and comments of their coach through video reports.

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